One of the most important objectives of this ministry is to provide resources to the Community on key aspects of diaconal responsibility.

The list below reflects the resources that are currently available, along with the author and contact information for follow up. Since this is a Community resource, we encourage all deacons to submit the work they have done in their ministry as an aid to others.

Thank you.

Downloads Available





Detailed description of how to lead Exposition, Adoration and Benediction

Dcn Carl Koester

Complete description of the roles and responsibilities of Altar Servers. It is customized to OLP, but as a Word document, it is easily modified.
Dcn John Gaulin

Outstanding document providing insight into Marriage through the experience of the Garden of Eden.

Jonathan Sacks


A beautiful explanation of the Beatitudes
St. Clement Mary Hofbauer
Weigel explains how the Diaconate works with and within the Church in her mission to ‘convert the times’, and remind the world in these times, as indeed she reminds all times, that history is His-story, God’s story, in which the final chapter has already been revealed to us in Holy Scripture.
George Weigel
A PowerPoint presentation introducing JPII’s Theogy of the Body
Deacon Mike Ficorili
An audio recording explaining the concept of Theogy of the Body
Deacon Mike Ficorili
Homily on the Wedding Feast at Cana
Deacon Mike Ficorili

Liturgical Arrangements for Mass of Christian Burial

In the even that a member of the Diaconate community passes away, please use this form to collect the necessary information for the services.

Deacon Timothy Chriswell

Diaconal Service Agreement

This form is to be filled out with the Pastor/Administrator and Deacon. If applicable, the deacons wife should also be present. 

Deacon Timothy Chriswell