Welcome and thank you for inquiring about qualifications and initial pre-application to Deacon Formation of the Diocese of Buffalo, NY.

This is an exciting time as you listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit regarding a potential vocation. This is also the first-step in pursuing knowledge about the role of the deacon; the program of formation leading to potential ordination (reception of the Sacrament of Holy Orders); and exploring initial eligibility.

This pre-application is a way for you to further inquire about the potential of joining formation and a means for those responsible for the application process to review several important and necessary considerations regarding a person’s eligibility to pursue acceptance into formation.

Please note: all applicants must be sponsored by their pastor.

This initial application enables the Diocese of Buffalo to verify the necessary freedom, or lack of freedom, a pre-applicant possesses to pursue formal discernment and candidacy for the reception of the Sacrament of Holy Orders. Please do not ‘read into’ the questions any negative connotation. By answering ‘no’ (or ‘yes’) to any of the questions provided does not imply potential acceptability nor complete ineligibility. Rather, your answers will allow us to gauge where you are at this moment and give us a little background about you and your standing. All of the information requested herein will be requested formally during the application and formation process. We earnestly strive to address impediments to conditional acceptance into formation before the formal application process.

Thank you for your honesty and integrity in answering the important questions in the attached pre-application form. The Director of Formation will be in contact with you.

Please return the form to:

Deacon Timothy Chriswell

Director of Deacons 

Catholic Center

795 Main Street

Buffalo, NY 14203