Based on the discussion and the recommendations made by the cross-section of deacons who attended the workshop, here are the five Committees that are being launched by the Leadership Team:

Standing Committees


  • Collaboration Committee
    • Focuses on developing and supporting various efforts to get deacons to know each other better, know their talents and use them as a resource
  • Learning Resource Committee
    • Provide various resources (eg videos, documents, etc) and events to help deacons in very specific areas (eg Benediction, Master of Ceremonies, Marriage Investigations, etc)
  • Communication Committee
    • Responsible for developing resources to aid in expanding awareness of what is going on, who can do what – e.g. Deacons Speakers Bureau, Deacon Competencies Database, Newsletter or other communication vehicles
  • Technology Committee
    • Developing a technology infrastructure that can be used by all ministries
    • Databases, website, blog, etc
  • Coaching-Mentoring Ministry
    • Creating a group of deacons willing to work with other deacons in developing their skills, holding them accountable to their objectives, and guiding them in ministry

If you are interested in leading or joining one of these Standing Committees, please jump to the Contact page and let us know!
We need us all!