Call for Papers

One of the most important objectives of this ministry is to provide resources to the Community on key aspects of diaconal responsibility. Currently we are seeking documents, videos, guidelines from Community members regarding the following topics:

  • How to lead Benediction
  • Liturgical plans for all the Holy Week and Easter Vigil services
  • How to conduct a Pre-Marital Investigation (PMI)
  • How to preside at a Marriage Rite using the new Order for Celebrating Matrimony
  • How to lead a Wake Service
  • How to lead a Committal Service
  • How to assist a person through the annulment process

Also, we are looking for session design details/notes for topics such as:

  • Talks to Teenagers
  • Talks to Parents: in general, sacramental presentations, etc
  • Adult education talks, courses or seminars (on various topics)
    • e.g. How Catholics Read the Bible
  • Sacramental Prep talks
  • Confirmation Retreats
  • Parish Lenten Retreats
  • RCIA, specifically Confirmation Preparation for Adults

If you have any documents or resources that you think would be valuable to the Community, please send them to one of the Leadership Team members.

Thank You!